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Indy Brew Battle Competitor's Registration. This is for official dues paying members of Indiana homebrew clubs. 100% of the proceeds are going to Helping Veterans and Families formerly Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation. 

This year’s competition is BJCP 2021 styles: Weizenbock (10C), Witbier (24A), Berliner Weisse (23A), and Gose (23G). Entrants may enter a variation on one of these styles in Categories 29-34, making sure to list the base beer as Weizenbock (10C), Witbier (24A), Berliner Weisse (23A), or Gose (23G) and list any special ingredients on the bottle ID and/or provide a recipe sheet. The beers will be judged by a panel of BJCP judges led by the amazing Sandy Cockerham. Beers may be all grain, extract, or both.

First, Second, and Third place will be awarded prizes consisting of a ton of yeast, swag, cleaning chemicals, malt, hops, pH equipment, and temperature controllers. This is the largest prize pack yet and last year's was huge. The Grand Prize will have the opportunity to brew their winning recipe at the award winning Guggman Haus Brewing Co. which will be tapped at a future event. For a club to compete they must have a group pour at the event as the event is the money maker for the charity. This can be as small as 2 people manning your jockey box. They can collect your prizes for you as well*. You will receive free entry for entering the competition or donation kegs to the event. Pouring event is November 11th at Guggman Haus.

This year there will be a competition amongst the beers being poured at the event. An hour prior to the public entering the brewers will be able to sample each other's beers and cast a single vote for what they view as the best beer being poured. Great Fermentations will create a brew kit based off of the winning beer and promote/sell it for a period of time. People from all over will be able to purchase, brew, and enjoy 

The event offers the opportunity for the clubs to promote themselves and the hobby of homebrewing. The public will be welcome to the event for an entrance fee. Each homebrew club will be provided a space to promote their club and are asked to bring their own homebrew of any category to offer samples to the paying public. Both the event and Best in Show will be publicized by Great Fermentations and Indiana On Tap.

1 entry per person. (Our judges are volunteer). Submit 3 x 12oz bottles. Rubberband a bottle ID to each bottle. Include an ingredient sheet. Submissions need to be dropped off at or mailed to Great Fermentations between October 30th to November 4th. Great Fermentations closes at 6pm that day.

*30 days to claim prizes and arrange pickup if not picked up at the event. The winner will be responsible for shipping if needed as charity money will not be used on shipping. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited to IBU to use in future Indy Brew Battles.

Venue Information

Guggman Haus Brewing Co.
1701 Gent Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202

Organizer Information

Indy Brew Battle

1701 Gent Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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