Kekionga Craft Co.

Kekionga Craft Co.

It started with two longtime friends, a cousin’s basket press, and a brother’s apple tree. In cliché terms, the rest is history. Tyler Butcher and Logan Barger have been friends since the days of Little League Baseball, and have grown up going to the same high school and rooming together during their college years. It was then that they got their first taste of cider. Years later they decided to give it a go at making hard cider themselves. Many batches later, their family and friends actually enjoyed drinking the cider they were making. Kekionga Craft Company was no longer just a thought, it was about to become a reality.

Kekionga Craft Company found its home in a historic apple mill located on the northeast side of Fort Wayne, IN in the fall of 2016 and opened its doors in June 2017. Since then they have went from just four taps in the tasting room to now fourteen and an ever expanding menu including wine, mead, and beer.


7328 Maysville Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815
(260) 749-8889

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